IoT is rapidly moving from the fringe of the Internet to the mainstream. A Gartner report estimates that the Internet of Things will include some 26 billion Internet-connected physical devices by 2020. By that time, IoT product and service suppliers will generate incremental revenue of more than $300 billion.


Challenges involved in Developing and Deploying IoT Projects includes; choosing the best architectures for each use case, a lack of connectivity standards, a lack of systems integrators with a track record, and delivering ease of use for consumers and enterprise users.

Another big issue is Standards and Interoperability. Building the IoT will require massive amounts of cooperation and coordination between firms.


IoTTechOne provides Consulting and Subject Matter Expertise for IoT developemnt to the Clients to Achieve success with ease.

The Internet of Things development environment is complex in nature. It encompasses the hardware, the hardware-software interface, multiple communication protocols including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), coding for tiny devices and multitudes of devices, possibly causing contention.

We design and develop IoT applications with a strong focus on data models and cloud deployments that can support and handle the load of IoT devices. While enhancing existing application to conform to IoT use cases, we take stock of the earlier architecture and re-model it to ensure scalability and optimal performance.

IoT Devices keep sending data every second or minute, depending on the applicaiton, this requires the data architecture to be modeled to store all this information effectively while maintaing backward compatibiity. Our strength is building applications around the existing IT infrastructure, this makes us best partner for your IoT development / implementation. 

We also work along with your hardware design partner to ensure that the new business application is developed cohesively.

Our consulting breadth & depth, using industry standard processes, makes TechOne your trusted partner to reduce risks.

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