Accelerated Custom Solutions

From Requirements to Custom Solutions, Delivered in Half the Time
Applications that enable today's enterprise have to keep pace with increasing demands on business, changes in business processes & technology, and integrate with the existing IT investments - all while leveraging opportunities in today's electronic marketplace.

Building such scalable and extensible enterprise class applications requires a combination of knowledge, Intellectual assets, tools and experience, all of which may not be available to an organization in time. This is where TechOne has the ability to add tremendous value to organizations and their existing IT infrastructure.

Our collective experience in delivering large and medium-sized, mission critical, distributed, custom applications, coupled with our technical expertise in leading-edge technologies, keeps us thoroughly prepared for all situations. Our knowledge, process, and capabilities cover all stages of the life cycle, including assessment, planning, requirements collection/analysis, architecture, design, construction, deployment and production support.

Technology: TechOne's expertise lies in building and integrating custom, enterprise class, N-Tier, Object-Oriented solutions. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, building Web based GUI (JSP/HTML, Java, XML/XSL), Application Server (J2EE/EJB, CORBA), WebServices/SOAP/XML, EAI, Workflow/ Messaging (JMS, Vitria, MQ-Series..), Relational DB, various Modeling Tools and Languages.

ACE™ (View copy of ACE™ datasheet in PDF)
We have developed ACE™, a tool to automate the process of design, development and integration of such applications. For our customers, this means that TechOne can deliver solutions with 30 to 50 percent savings in time and budget.

This combination of experience, expertise and intellectual assets makes TechOne your pre-eminent solutions partner.