IT & Network Operations

Maintaining and managing computer and network infrastructure, reducing downtimes, ensuring security

The network and server infrastructure of an enterprise is complex, with disparate equipment expected to interoperate seamlessly. Computer servers and desktops need to be managed to ensure maximum efficiency for its users, and upgrades installed with little disruption!

An IT department’s network engineers and system administrators need to work hard to achieve this, and is most appreciated when none notice its work.

TechOne provides consulting services to help your IT department achieve this.

For your NOCs and Data Centers, our certified engineers (CCIE, CCNP, CCVP, etc.) will help you plan and manage your network. Using industry-standard tools for network management, our engineers help you achieve maximum utilization of available bandwidth. With increasing adoption of VoIP for telephony, our engineers help you plan, deploy and fine-tune implementations.

For computing infrastructure, our system and desktop administrators will help you complete deployments and upgrades.

Our vast knowledge and experience in networking and telecommunications, and experience managing computer infrastructure, makes TechOne your trusted partner to increase uptimes!