The number of smart phone users is estimated to be 190.5 Million, which is about 74% of the internet users and 59% of US population. May 2015 poll by Gallup suggests that 52% of the smartphone users check their phone few times every hour and 11% checked every few minutes. This growing number is changing the way Companies are interacting with customers.


Mobile IntegrationBusinesses are scrambling to bolster digital offerings with new apps, and they’ve often succeeded in streamlining services. Yet most approaches to the smartphone revolution have been unilateral.

With separate apps, we can plan our day – check the weather, get a cab, order tickets, grab a coffee. However, we need to flick through separate apps to do this all at once.

As the smartphone revolution continues to take hold, consolidating separate services to create a hub within applications could be the industry’s answer toconsumers’ ever-increasing demand for doing everything more, quickly, and with the minimum of hassle.


Having a deep knowledge of 20+ years in Software Development, Networking, IT Security & Compilance and IT Infrastructure, we are best geared to not just set the right Mobile Integration Strategy but also implement it in a cost effective manner for the long run.

Clients do not want to blindly dive into a market as complex as mobile devices without understanding some basic best practices. Those best practices are based on some obvious conclusions and some not so obvious considerations. The best starting point comes down to selecting a mobile device OS on which to standardize. TechOne considers following factors:

  • What functions does the device need to support?
  • Will customized software be needed?
  • How will the device integrate with corporate data services?
  • How secure does the device need to be?
  • Will the device be shared among multiple users?
  • What platforms are used by corporate IT?
  • Will additional software and integration services be needed for deployment?
  • What are the cost factors (device, support, service)?

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