At TechOne we know the importance of Data and results drawn by interpretation of Data. We have a long background, in-depth knowledge and great experience in Big Data Analytics and Data Interpretation. Over the last 22 years, we have helped many companies collect data, analyze it and make right decision based on that.


Current challenge of all MR teams is collaborating in a distributed environment with teams spread across continents, we bring CLOUD STACK to you to enable fast turn-around, quality and accuracy of data and hassle free implementations.

Another major challenge is the quick turn-around time that is required to Program the Survey, Test it, Deploy it for Sampling, Coordinating with different vendors across geographical boundaries and time-zones to do effective Data Collection, preparing reports, tabulation, Data Analysis and presentation. The key to success of all this is good resources and effective Project Management.


Media & Market ResearchOur consultants are available to work on projects or supplement your team Onsite/Offsite to support the changing needs of technologies and manage the peak loads of works.

Technological advancements have had huge impact on the Market Research Industry. Companies have had to keep up with continuous movement from paper to online to mobile and next generation research is going to be linked to IoT. We being a Technology company can help you keep up with the pace and support you so that you can focus on your business strengths and stay ahead of the competition.

We have resources that are experienced in Survey Programming tools and Quality Assurance. They ensure that your surveys are programmed perfectly in the shortest possible time, whether it's for Phone, Mobile or Online.

Our team of experienced data scientists and analysts help you enjoy fast turnaround times, high-quality and cost-effective results. We have experience in using analysis tools for effective Data Analysis.

Success of any project is dependent on how the project is planned and managed. The Project Managers play a key role in success of any project (Technical or non-technical). Changes are a part of any project and it's important to manage the change well. Communication with teams spread across business functions and geographies is another key to success. 

Some Of Our Skill Sets and Tools

Survey Programming

ConfirmIT, Swatooth (Conjoint Analysis), MRInterview and other Survey programming packages.

Data Processing

SPSS, QUANTUM, HADOOP, Tableau, Openrefine, Google Fusion Tables, Rapidminder.

Project Management

We have experienced Agile and PMP project managers to manage all your projects, timelines and changes so that you have a seamless flow and efficient results. You may outsource your project management to our capable team or lease Project Managers from us.

Infrastructure Management

IoT, Cloud & Mobile integrations, SaaS, ICaaS, PaaS, IaaS


Our Passion For What We Do is Rendered in Our Services

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