We have pro-actively invested to build a portfolio of our own reusable assets to help us shrink your time to market.

ACE™: our tool to automate the design, development and integration of applications. Additionally, we have built a vertical use for ACE™ in the telecom and datacom space, especially for NMS and EMS systems. (View copy of ACE™ datasheet in PDF)

Other reusable assets:

  • ALIGN: An IT Gap Analysis (Audit and Strategy) workbook.
  • PREPARE: Training material for areas like EJB, XML, JSP, N-Tier Architecture, Use Case Driven Requirements, CORBA based development, for client staff empowerment.
  • SUCCESS: A well-defined iterative and incremental software development process and methodology

TechOne does not mandate the use of any of these assets for customer engagements. But, depending upon needs of a customer or engagement, we can bring some of these tools to the table.